Cleaning & Protecting

At Leathertech we provide a range of leather cleaning & restoration services to suit your Leather type.

Most of our Leather cleaning & restoration services can be carried out on site.

Your furniture can be used straight away.

We only use the best available cleaning products which give excellent and lasting results.

All our cleaning products are

  • completely safe for children & pets
  • water based
  • tried and tested

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Our Cleaning Services include:

  • Cleaning & Protecting
  • Ink removal – new & old
  • Nail Varnish removal
  • Oil & Grease Removal

How do we clean your leather?

Firstly we will need to know how old and what cleaning has been used previously. This is to give us an indication of what condition the leather is in.

We will look more closely with a microscope.  This will let us know exactly what results can be achieved with cleaning and what process to use.

We will discuss with you what it will cost & what will be achieved with cleaning – before we do any cleaning

This is carried out in your home or business.

When we start cleaning, we will thoroughly inspect the piece. 

A water based foam cleaning solution is used along with gentle agitation.  This will begin the breakdown of dirt & grime.  If there is still dirt after cleaning, we will clean again –  2 or 3 gentle cleans is better than one heavy clean.

Finally and most the important step to keep your cleaned leather in good condition is to apply a protector.